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Florham Park 4th of July | 2023

Happy 66th Birthday, Florham Park July 4th Parade! Florham Park has a wonderful tradition of celebrating our Country’s heritage each Independence Day. The celebrations were downplayed the past two years because of the pandemic. However, with social distancing requirements

loosened and mask mandates lifted, this year we hope to have our full Celebration - with the Parade, Family Picnic, Social Garden, and Fireworks in the evening over Emmett Field. All the events take place on Tuesday, July 4th (fireworks rain date Saturday, July 8th).

The generosity from you and the entire Florham Park community is essential in helping make our town’s July 4th Celebration possible each year. Even in these uncertain times, we thank you for your continued financial support. A suggested donation of $35 or more per family will help carry on this long-standing tradition. All donors who contribute a minimum of $35 by Monday, May 23rd will be included in our special parade program.

Photo Credit: Katie Dunne, daughter of Rita and Joe Muldoon - former Committee Members of the Florham Park July 4th Celebration Committee

Keep the celebration alive and donate to the July 4th celebration!

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