We are excited to announce a modified 4th of July Celebration in Florham Park on July 4, 2020! We will be hosting a car parade through the Municipal Complex to celebrate. Beginning next week, the 4th of July Committee will be selling lawn signs which we will ask residents to decorate and return to us. We will display the signs and you will be invited to drive through the Borough Complex in a parade with your fellow residents, fire trucks, and police cars to share in our American pride and celebrate the 4th of July. While we are disappointed that we will not be able to host rides, fireworks, cook for you, or gather at the Social Garden this year, we are proud that the longest continuously running 4th of July parade in the State of New Jersey will continue. 


Our theme is “Thank you Frontliners, Thank you Heroes!” 


Here’s how 2020 will work:

Beginning next week, you can purchase a 4th of July lawn sign which we will ask you to decorate and return to us by 6/30. (We will deliver signs to all people who reside in Florham Park) 


If you don’t want to decorate a sign, but do want to help make the parade great, you can sponsor a picture which we will place along the parade route. 


On the 4th of July, we’ll start the day with a live-streamed ceremony. We’ll invite all Florham Parkers to go to their front steps and sing the Star-Spangled Banner. Then, we’ll ask all who want to be part of our car parade to get in their cars and drive to a designated location to stage for the parade. You can then proceed through the Complex as part of the 4th of July Parade!! 


We wish that we could host all of our usual events, but we must respect the governance in place as of today. We ask that all participants abide by social distancing guidelines. This will be a car parade only in order to avoid gathering in large groups. We look forward to returning to all of our favorite events in 2021!

Participate in the 2020 parade by purchasing a sign or photo that will be displayed along

the designated Parade Route throughout the Borough Complex on July 4!


By registering for the parade or submitting a donation, you agree to the following terms and conditions: 


-You will abide by all social distancing guidelines in effect on July 4, 2020, put in place by the State of New Jersey or local OEM officials. 


-Signs will be the signs purchased from the Florham Park 4th of July Committee.


-Signs will not include inflammatory or discriminatory language. No political paraphernalia is allowed to be displayed. Local elected officials may display and/or identify themselves. Violators will be prohibited from entering parades in the future regardless of status.


The Florham Park 4th of July Committee, in conjunction with the Borough of Florham Park, reserves the right to withhold any signs which are not in keeping with the spirit of the celebration.


-Signs will not be returned at the conclusion of the parade. 


-Signs may be archived by the Florham Park Historic Preservation Commission or its designee. 


-The Parade is a car parade only. Pedestrians and bike traffic are not permitted on the Municipal Grounds during the parade hours. 

2020 Event Information

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